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  • The latest Docs, online.
  • New spells found in the NPC Generator.
  • Fantasy weapon stats based on the latest data files in the GURPS NPC Generator.
  • Fantasy armor stats based on the latest data files in the GURPS NPC Generator.

  • Senseless Combat! Loosely based on GURPS rules (Windows only)
  • Senseless Combat screen shot (warning: this game will probably change your life)

  • What is GURPS®?
  • What is an NPC Generator?
  • Q: How can I generate an NPC with a set number of points? A: Download the Windows version, and click Generate New NPC with points.
  • Q: How do I print an NPC so that it fits on a single page in IE? A: Set your left/right margins to 0.17 in IE Page Setup, like in this Screen Shot.
  • Can I see the source code, please?
  • What are the rules for the new spells that some NPCs seem to have?
  • Q: How do I save an NPC to the NPCGenBrowser? A: Download the Windows version, and click Save to DB.
  • Ok, I downloaded it. Q: What is this Synchronize thing? A: An RPC Server Client.

  • Q: Senseless Combat? What's the deal? A: I wrote this game a while back while learning the wxPython library; I then updated it recently, after the election...
  • Q: Should I keep a box of kleenex handy while I play Senseless Combat? A: Yes. You will most likely cry uncontrollably while playing this heart-wrenching game.

  • How can I create my own NPC classes?
  • NPC Template XML data
    (note: the windows version can synchronize with these by connecting to the NPCRPC server):
  • meta-config.xml (master config file)
  • armor.xml
  • attribute-rules.xml
  • empiregame-fantasy.xml
  • exotic-classes.xml
  • game-of-thrones.xml
  • mage-fantasy.xml
  • psi-classes.xml
  • standard-cabal.xml
  • standard-classes.xml
  • standard-cyberpunk.xml
  • standard-fantasy.xml
  • standard-martial-arts.xml
  • standard-undead.xml
  • standard-wwii-classes.xml
  • test-classes.xml
  • weapons.xml
  • wwii-psi-classes.xml
  • y2kgame-classes.xml

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